Audi Paint Job. Any person who has an Audi A6(2000) had a paint occupation accomplished to their automobiles? How much did it expense?

Issue by Judy M: Audi Paint Job. Anybody who has an Audi A6(2000) experienced a paint occupation completed to their autos? How considerably did it price?
I not too long ago bought an Audi A6 2000 money. And it seems to be very good within and out. Nevertheless the again bumper has a chip paint not main even though. But I was contemplating of obtaining it repainted but I thoughof why not just paint the complete vehicle. Has anybody had a paint job completed to their autos? Mainly Audi vehicles, just asking ahead of I go to any paint work spot. Thank you

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Response by Harley Generate
$ 3000 in addition it really is just not worth it, get one of people chip fix companies to appear and have a search at it

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