Exactly where can I go to buy the head lighting that are tinted blue for my 2009 Lexus IS 250?

Concern by Jennifer: Exactly where can I go to purchase the head lighting fixtures that are tinted blue for my 2009 Lexus IS 250?
Not automatically BLUE, but the kinds that have that tint and are brighter then the inventory halogen lights.
Extremely vibrant and coloration of mild observed on normally all new helps make of Audi vehicles.
Not genuinely wanting to devote more then $ a hundred and fifty for a pair of bulbs.
Photographs if achievable? :)

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Reply by corduroy
Closer to white, right?
They are utilizing HID headlights and are brighter than stock halogen lighting fixtures.

You can retrofit an HID kit (your IS250 has inventory projectors and hence, they will not blind oncoming targeted traffic) for ~a hundred$ with a inexpensive-ish HID kit (I like xenondepot). Make sure you choose 4300-5000k HID bulbs. Nearly anything increased will start to seem tacky and you get significantly less usable light-weight (and truly suck in the rain). With HID, you’ll require the H11 Package.

If you will not want to wire in HID bulbs, you can choose up silverstar bulbs. they’re going to run you ~fifty$ and you will want to get the 55w variations. Don’t get the 95w edition or you’ll burn off out your wiring (I have done it just before in a prior automobile). They’ll be a lot more white but not as significantly as an HID setup.

Just for reference:
Fog lighting: 9006
High Beams: 9005
Headlights (NO-HID): H11 (you are going to need to have an HID kit that converts H11 to HID)
Headlights (HID): D4S

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