How to begin a suitable maintenance cycle for a auto?

Query by GreenEyes: How to start off a proper servicing cycle for a car?
My husband just acquired a 2003 Audi A8. The vehicle is in mint issue, has only 30000 miles. Nevertheless I would like to know, what is normal treatment to acquire a auto like this, what are the regimen changes and check out ups to be made, what fluids have to be modified…. I will be delighted to get any input, this is a beautiful auto and we want to preserve it as a traditional for many a lot more years.
thxs for the tips

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Answer by bobweb
Some top quality automobiles this sort of as yours arrive with the total servicing document the prior owner completed. That is a large promoting stage for high-priced Mercedes and so forth. Possibly the owner’s around? Of study course you’ll want to proceed with the Audi revealed maintenance routine in your owner’s guide and many others.

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